Building a Movement to Demand Better Schools
The focus of our coalition is to build a grassroots constituency for change and to hold BTU and BPS accountable for student performance in the long term implementation of the contract. There is room for all kinds of coalitions in this movement to push for school reform. The future of our young people is at stake. So we welcome voices from all sectors of the city because the louder we all speak to make the case for change, the more likely the BPS and BTU will listen.

Coalition ENDORSEMENT and Activities FORM

Boston United for Students: A coalition of parent, student, community and business leaders giving voice to the BPS-BTU contract.

My organization will support the coalition in the following ways:
(please check all that apply and fill out the contact information below)

Organization or Individual: 
Contact Person:
My organization is joining the Boston United for Students Coalition and endorses the coalition priorities.  The name of my organization can be listed on all coalition materials.
We will do outreach to inform our members/constituents about the priorities and activities of the coalition and we will distribute coalition materials as needed.
We will organize our members to participate in various actions.
Door Knocking
Phone Calls (outreach)
Petition Drives
Community Meetings, Forums, Focus Groups, and Other Events
We will invite coalition organizers to meet with our members to discuss contract issues. 
Please keep me informed and add me to your email list.




April 6, 2011 | The BPS-BTU Teacher Contract:  What's in it for our Kids

5:30 PM, Twelfth Baptist Church, Roxbury

For more information contact Fran Smith at  or cell: 617-429-7106


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